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(That's Me)

"Your Brand Is What Other People Say About You When You're Not In The Room"

- Jeff Bezos

     My clients have an intrinsic belief in their own brand image and trust that anyone who sees their images once will remember them. They sleep peacefully at night knowing that people are speaking positively about their brand and sharing it in their networks.

     I hold an initial consultation, just to see if we're a good fit. I only work with businesses who are trusting and spontaneous and know that they need to invest in their brand image. Once we finish planning exactly what we want to communicate, then the fun begins.

     When not shooting professionally, I am either on tour or out of town recording with my band, TORO (Nuclear Blast Records). I am exceptionally fortunate to live a life of passion and pursue both of these disparate callings.

     Clients Include: GA Tech, Palmer House Properties, The Vortex, Hot Tools USA & more.

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JBP Logo.png
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